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The Sea Your History website is a resource for anyone interested in the 20th century history of the Royal Navy and Portsmouth Dockyard.

There are a number of ways to explore the information displayed on the website.


The Navy's People
Portsmouth Dockyard
Conflict and Change
The Navy at Home and Abroad

Each theme has the same structure. For an overview of the subject, the Introduction is a good starting point. In the Navy's People package this section is entitled Naval Lives, exploring the changing roles of the Navy's people through the lives of 20 people.

For more detailed information you may enjoy exploring the In Focus sections, which take key issues and subject and explore them in more depth. In the Navy's People's package you can discover more about Women in the Navy and Recreation and Time Off. In the Portsmouth Dockyard In Focus section you can uncover more about Dockyard People.

The How to sections give ideas and information to help you find out more, for example in The Navy's People section, you can discover how to find out more about medals and service certificates.

Image Gallery

There are a number of ways to explore the website. One way is to use the image gallery. In the image gallery we have grouped together collections of images so that you can browse through them as a set, rather than finding them individually through the search facility. Each month, we will highlight a collection that we think is particularly interesting and we will also display the most popular images.


You can also search the website using the quick search box at the top of each webpage or alternatively, you can use the Advanced Search page.