The Loyal Toast

Department of the Commandant General

Royal Marines Ministry of Defence



General Sir Malcolm Cartwright-Taylor, KCB Commandant-General

No. 201 28th August, 1964

Special Order of the Day


1. On the 23rd July, 1964, Her Majesty The Queen was the principal guest at a dinner held by the Officers of the Corps and presided over by the Captain-General to celebrate the tercentenary of the formation of the Admiral's Regiment.

2. To mark the tercentenary, Her Majesty directed that in future the Loyal Toast should be drunk seated in all Royal Marines Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers Messes ashore and afloat. Her Majesty further directed that the health of the Captain-General should also be drunk seated.

3. The procedure for drinking the Loyal Toast is laid down in QR & AI Article 1354.

4. The procedure for drinking the Captain-General's health is as follows:

a. After drinking the Loyal Toast, there will be a short pause before the President again taps the table and the Toast is drunk.

b. Glasses will not be refilled before the Toast.

c. The National Anthem will not be played for this Toast.

5. RMI's will be amended.


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