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Social life in the WRNS

One of the most important aspects of the Women's Royal Naval Service was its sense of camaraderie. Those in charge of the service expressed this through the formal creation of an esprit de corps. They also exercised this through organising sports, games and entertainment for the Wrens.

The structure of service life provided Wrens with a close social circle, many of whom remained friends after leaving the service. Service life broadened opportunities to meet new people from different walks of life and many Wrens met future husbands whilst serving. It also allowed women to travel to new places, especially overseas, that would have otherwise been impossible.

Photograph of Wrens on sailboat, 1950
Photograph of Wrens on sailboat, 1950 (RNM)

Article Highlights

  • Introduction

  • Social life

  • Overseas fun

  • Entertainment

  • Sport

  • Memories of service life

  • The Association of Wrens

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