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Poem written by Lieutenant Clifford Wright RNVR about the WRNS

Ornithology up to Date

Seen in captivity now and then,

Canaries, Poll Parrots, and nowadays the Wren,

Out of the sunshine twixt walls dark and drear,

They've been known to sing, talk, and even to swear.

The last mentioned birds were till recently free,

But Hitler's behaviour has caused them to be

Mustered together and given a job,

At a fortnightly payment of so many bob.

Their plumage is altered in curious taste,

Chic frocks and lingerie now go to waste,

Their legs are enclosed in black cotton hose,

Reaching from somewhere right down to their toes.

And the part they sit on although it sounds mean,

Must be covered in 'pantees' made out of blue jean,

Other clothing that's draped on this poor little bird,

Is made of rough homespun and seems quite absurd.

But this is the price these fledglings pay,

To help put the Hun in a very bad way,

They'll sacrifice beauty and forego romance,

For the pleasure of kicking 'Adolph' in the pants.

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