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E11 entered Constantinople [now Istanbul] harbour on 25th May. She was the first hostile vessel to enter the harbour in over 100 years. Nasmith sighted the large troop transport ‘Stamboul' and launched two torpedoes at the vessel. The second one struck its target, although the ship failed to sink. E11 then came under fire from shore-based artillery, but managed to escape.

Torpedo tail fin from HMS E11 (RNSM)
Torpedo tail fin from HMS E11 (RNSM)

The attack resulted in Turkey ceasing further attempts to reinforce troops at Gallipoli by sea. Apart from the practical value of disrupting Turkish supply lines, the attack had an enormous impact on Turkish morale and created a sense of panic in Constantinople.

The submarine then returned to the Bosphorus strait on 27th May, where it sank more ships.


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