Submarine Mascots

Submariners often carried personal mascots onboard, including ones that they had made themselves. Submariners are known for their superstitious nature and mascots were seen as an important means of maintaining one's luck whilst beneath the seas. In addition, submarine crews often came up with designs for 'unofficial' ship's badges to decorate the boat's interior, often using a humorous take on the boat's name.

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Unofficial Crest of HMS Truant

Unofficial Crest of HMS Truant

The unofficial crest of the submarine, HMS Truant. It is circular in shape with a rope around the edge. In the centre, a schoolboy walks away with his back to the viewer, carrying a fishing rod over his right shoulder and a fish in his left hand. Submarine badges are a form of naval heraldry, with symbols used to represent the ships. The crests are displayed on the front of the conning tower when the submarine is in harbour, showing the ship’s name and a design that illustrates the name. Different shapes are used in the crests of various types of naval vessels, and an offset square shape is used for submarine badges. In addition to these crests, submariners felt the urge to demonstrate pride in their boat and so unofficial badges began to appear. These early badges consisted of the letter and number of the submarine. They are designed by the ship’s crew and often depict a more humorous take on the submarine’s name.

Unofficial Crest of HMS Truant
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