Changes in communication 1 - Changes in communications since 1990s

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Tasmin BentonTamsin Benton

Tamsin Benton married her husband Angus in 1993 having known him for a year. Tamsin has a naval family background with both her father and grandfather having served in the Royal Navy. Angus joined the Navy in 1988 as a Clearance Diver and at the time of the interview was a Lieutenant Commander. He has served on a number of ships and in diving units both at home and abroad including periods in the Gulf and the Adriatic. Tamsin accompanied Angus to Naples from 2000 - 2003 and has lived in married quarters in Helensburgh and Portsmouth. They have two children.


Has new technology improved the ways Tamsin communicates with her husband?


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The change in communications has made a great deal of difference, you've just... because you've got the webcam, you've got the telephone, now even to ships you can still talk on a mobile phone in many places, whereas previously if he was away on a ship... when he was in the Baltic 14 years ago I got my usually drunken phone call at two o'clock in the morning saying, "Hello, I love you. Do you want to talk to Charlie?" "No, I don't want to talk to Charlie!" And that was usually the extent of my communication with him. But now you do have so much better things, you have the e-mails as well, and even if it's just a two line e-mail it still just reassures you, just says he's thinking of you, because his life is so much more exciting out there than yours is here, yours just goes on in the same daily grind, and yet his... he's doing different things and that is exciting.

Typical online discussion topics

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The downsides of increased communication

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Monitoring emails

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Virtual cheese and wine parties

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"by the time I wrote to him it was old news really"

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Link Line

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Link Letters

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Enchance communication a double-edged sword

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Dealing with a ship going silent

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Hints of homecoming

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changes in communication since 1990s

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Effect of changes in communications since 1990s

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