The Navy at Home and Abroad

Prisoners of War

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Life as a prisoner of war

In this section you will learn about the poor living conditions, chronic hunger, boredom and punishments endured by naval prisoners of war. Discover how some of the prisoners spent time planning their escape from the camp and how others worked together to keep their spirits high.

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Or choose to read stories from individual prisoners of war

John Martin D’Arcy-Levy - Read some letters written by this prisoner of war

David Bain - Learn about food rationing in a prisoner of war camp

Rupert Lonsdale - Discover how prisoners of war entertained themselves

Crew of HMS Oswald - Read about escaping from a prisoner of war camp

Mervyn Scott-Lindslay - Learn about living in a Japanese prisoner of war camp

Ken McDonald - Read the story of a Royal Marine Bandsman's ordeal in Greece and the German Reich

Jim Fallace - Find out how this former Royal Marine escaped the clutches of the Japanese

R H Johnson - Discover how prisoners were punished in a Korean prisoner of war camp


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