The Navy at Home and Abroad

R H Johnson

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Pilot Ralph Henry Johnson spent two and a half years in a Korean prisoner of war camps after the North Koreans shot his plane down in 1951.

During his imprisonment his captors repeatedly beat and interrogated him. The Admiralty officially reported Johnson dead and sent his parents his death certificate. It was not until 8 month later that they found out that he was still alive.

Johnson moved between four different prison camps before the North Koreans finally released him. In addition to the official Admiralty report, Johnson wrote a personal account of his experiences after his release.

Article Highlights:

  • The Korean War

  • The crash

  • Captured by the enemy

  • Confusion at home

  • Yong Song Camp - 'Pak's Palace'

  • Chon Chin Camp

  • Pichon-Li Camp

  • Release and repatriation



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