The Royal Marines in Malta

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Pembroke Garrison and Rifle Range

The Garrison and Rifle Range appears to have been a British establishment since about 1800. Located on the west coast of the island, it comprised a musketry camp, rifle ranges, a fort and adjacent gun battery.

Later St George's and St Andrew's Barracks would be built in the same area. Many Army units were stationed there and Royal Marine Battalions and Units were frequently based there until the 1977 withdrawal.

Pembroke Rifle Ranges and Musketry Camp. (RMM)
Pembroke Rifle Ranges and Musketry Camp. (RMM)

HQ 3 Commando Brigadede RM as well as 40, 41, 42 and 45 Cdo RM, all used the Pembroke facilities until withdrawal. By 12 October 1977 the administrative staff at Pembroke had left and the site was given over to the Malta Armed Forces.