A C Green

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The career of a Royal Marines Bandsman

Captain Arthur Charlett Green joined the Royal Naval School of Music when it was in its infancy. Green's career spanned service in two World Wars as he rose through the ranks to become Director of the School of Music's Junior Wing.

In 1932 Green composed and arranged a version of the bugle call 'Sunset' to be played by both the Corps of Drums and the Royal Marine Massed Bands.

The Royal Marines subsequently adopted Green's version of 'Sunset' as one of the integral pieces of music within the Corps 'Beat Retreat' ceremony.

A C Green c.1915-17.
A C Green c.1915-17. (RMM)

Article highlights

  • The career of a Royal Marines Bandsman

  • Green's early career

  • At the Battle of Jutland

  • Rising success - Sunset

  • Green during World War Two


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