Equipment ashore 1 - HMS Raleigh sick bay, 1960s

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Evelyn WilliamsEvelyn Williams

Service: 1961 - 1990

Rate: Principal Nursing Officer

Evelyn Williams trained as a nurse and midwife before joining the QARNNS (Queen Alexandra Royal Naval Nursing Service) in April 1961. During her QARNNS career she worked at Royal Naval Hospitals Haslar, Plymouth, Malta and Gibraltar as well as HMS Raleigh, HMS Goldcrest, HMS Terror in Singapore, HMS Neptune and RM Deal. After becoming a Nurse Tutor she became involved in the training of both nurses and Medical Assistants and her final appointment was to the staff of Surgeon Commodore Naval Medical Training before her retirement in 1990.

Here Evelyn desribes the sick bay at HMS Raleigh.

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E Williams:  The sick bay was actually the building next door to the Wren officers mess, again it was a nissan hut and I probably had about six beds in there for Wrens. And then the male sick bay was up the other side of the establishment and again was built in a series of nissan huts connecting, and there were probably about 20 beds up there. And of course they all had rooms for... consulting rooms and there was a very small treatment room and minor surgery room.

Interviewer:  Were you the only nursing Sister there?

E Williams:  Yes. Hmmm, and I had I think it was two female VAD nurses, and there was quite a full compliment of Sick Berth Attendants ranging from an Ordinary Sick Berth Attendant up to obviously Chief Petty Officers.

Interviewer:  And who were the Medical Officers with you?

E Williams:  I had... I think it was three Medical Officers, one was... the senior one was a Surgeon Commander, he was a psychiatrist on his last job. And then two Surgeon Lieutenants.

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