Fastnet Race 1979

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In the 1979 Fastnet sailing race 15 people died, many more were rescued.

The Fleet Air Arm play a vital role in search and rescue operations at sea. In Aug 1979 they flew into action when the 605 mile Fastnet Yacht Race turned into a disaster. Unexpected weather conditions made the seas deadly and over 140 people were rescued. Use the links below to find out more.

Article Highlights:

  • The Fastnet: a classic offshore yacht race

  • Weather deteriorates: Why did disaster strike?

  • Rescue services: Role of Fleet Air Arm

  • Survivors rescued: 75 people rescued in one day.

  • Extra help needed: 17 yachts are in serious distress.

  • The final days: 15 people were lost at sea in just 3 days.

  • Lessons learnt: What had to change

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