Netherlands Floods 1953

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705 Squadron rescued nearly 800 people in less than a week during the 1953 Netherland Floods.

705 Naval Air Squadron played an important role during the floods of January 1953 when the sea flooded hundreds of miles of land in the Netherlands and East Anglia in the UK. A combination of freak high tides and gale-force winds were to blame. The floods struck during the night without warning and killed over 1,300 people in the Netherlands Use the links below to find out more:

Article Highlights

  • The Floods: an unexpected disaster

  • Dragonfly helicopter: the RNs first operational helicopter

  • Rescue in Kent: small group rescued from the Isle of Sheppey

  • Flying to the Netherlands: among the first helicopters to arrive at Gilze-Rijen

  • Reconnaissance and Rescue: over 200 rescued on the first day

  • Early Difficulties: maps and language

  • Ongoing Rescue: Schouven and Over Flakkee

  • Royal Inspection: Queen Juliana of the Netherlands

  • In Conclusion and lessons learnt: The 705 squadron

The air crew with a Dragonfly helicopter behind. Taken during the Feburary 1953 floods. FAAM

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