Algernon Foster 1939 - 41

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Letters written and received by a sailor onboard HMS Hood

Algernon Foster was an insurance agent in Hastings and a member of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves (RNVR).

At the outbreak of World War Two the Royal Navy mobilised him as an Ordinary Seaman. After training at HMS Royal Arthur, a shore base at Skegness, and spending a period at the barracks in Portsmouth, Algernon joined HMS Hood in March 1940 and served as a gunner.

Algernon Foster in uniform (RNM)

HMS Hood was one of the largest warships in the world when the Royal Navy commissioned the vessel in 1920 and took part in the 1923-24 World Cruise. Algernon and his fiance Mabel exchanged the following letters describing preparations for their wedding and their day-to-day lives during the war. Sadly, in May 1941, the German battleship Bismarck sank HMS Hood killing Algernon.

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