Air Days

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  • What are 'Air Days'?

  • Programmes

  • The Flying Display

  • Ground exhibits

What are 'Air Days'?

Naval Air Days have been going for over 60 years, they are usually held in the summer. They are an opportunity for  the Fleet Air Arm, to show the general public their aircraft and personnel.

The Fleet Air Arm held Air Days in the main airbases for example RNAS Yeovilton or RNAS Culdrose. 


The basic format of Air Days has not changed over the years however the types of aircraft and the jobs within the Fleet Air Arm have. In 1947, all aircraft had piston engines with only one type of small prototype helicopter in the programme. This is in contrst to the variety of fast jets and different types of helicopter in service today.


Follow the link to see read about Lee-on-Solent Air Day in 1967 or to see more photographs.