Royal Marine ceremonies in Malta

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The Royal Marines have continuously ‘Flown the Flag’ of their Sovereign, their country, the Corps and the Royal Navy. Nowhere is the extent of this role more neatly encapsulated than on the island of Malta.

Malta was for many years the hub of Royal Marine activity in the Mediterranean. It was both the home of the British Fleet and the Headquarters of 3 Commando Brigade and its activities, protecting Europe’s ‘Southern Flank’. As a result, flying the flag was marked not only through the presence of the Brigade and the Fleet but also in the various ceremonies that took place on the island itself.

Beat Retreat Ceremony, Palace Square, 1979. (RMM)
Beat Retreat Ceremony, Palace Square, 1979. (RMM)

Article Highlights

  • Introduction

  • Beat Retreat

  • Presentation of the Colours, 1952

  • Royal visit, 1954

  • Trooping the Colour, 1977

  • Leaving Malta, 1979

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