Submarines at Fleet Reviews

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How fleet reviews reflected the growing importance of submarines

The Fleet Review is a British tradition, allegedly dating back to the early 1400s. Traditionally, they were a way for the reigning monarch to inspect the fleet and for the Navy to discipline the crew as it got ready for war. During the 20th century, however, the fleet review increasingly became a public spectacle giving people the chance to see large numbers of naval vessels together at one time. Since the adoption of the submarine into the Royal Navy there have been 14 fleet reviews and as the vessels grew in importance, the Navy displayed ever more at these events.

Article Highlights

  • Introduction

  • What happens at a fleet review

  • When do fleet reviews take place?

  • Early 20th century reviews

  • 1937 Coronation Fleet Review

  • 1953 Coronation Fleet Review

  • 1977 Silver Jubilee Fleet Review

  • 2005 Fleet Review

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