Loftus William Jones

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The career of a Victoria Cross recipient

Loftus William Jones, or 'Bill' to his friends, was the Commander of the World War One destroyer HMS Shark and died defending his country at the Battle of Jutland on the 30 May - 1 June 1916.

Locals from a Swedish fishing village found Jones's body and personal effects washed up on the coast a few weeks later. He was just 36 years old and left behind a wife and two year old daughter.

Jones's story is a particularly graphic example of heroism and gallantry. His conduct that day earned him the Victoria Cross - Britain's highest military honour for valour and bravery in action.

He was one of four men who won VCs for that particular battle. The King awarded 634 VCs for heroic action during World War One, 48 of these were to naval forces.

Jones on board the HMS Shark.
Jones on board the HMS Shark. (RNM)

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  • The career of a Victoria Cross recipient

  • Rising through the ranks

  • At the Battle of Jutland

  • National hero


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