Edward Pitcairn Jones

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The career of a Naval Officer who fought ashore

Edward Pitcairn Jones was born in 1850, joined the Navy in 1863 and served until his death at the age of 58 in 1908. He passed for Lieutenant in 1874, fought in the Egyptian and Sudanese Wars in the 1880s, and became a Captain in 1895. In 1905 Jones gained promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Although most of his career was in the Victorian period his most notable achievement occurred at the start of the 20th century. In 1899 Jones was Captain of HMS Forte, stationed in South Africa at the outbreak of the Boer War.

Jones commanded a 'naval brigade' made up of men from his own and other ships, as well as the Natal Naval Volunteers. In early 1900 his brigade played a vital part in breaking the four-month Siege of Ladysmith.

Captain Edward Pitcairn Jones.
Captain Edward Pitcairn Jones. (RNM)

Article highlights

  • The career of a Naval Officer who fought ashore

  • Pitcairn Jones and the Navy which fought ashore

  • Naval Brigades and the Boer War

  • The Relief of Ladysmith

  • Plaudits and commendations


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