JT Cull

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The career of a naval airman

John Tulloch Cull was born in 1887. Cull was at the forefront of naval aviation, flying planes for the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) in the First World War. He joined the Navy as a normal seaman officer then joined the RNAS as Flight Lieutenant at its formation in July 1914.

Cull received the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for spotting and directing naval gunfire whilst under attack from the SMS Koenigsberg. He transferred to the newly formed RAF in 1918.

Photograph of John Tulloch Cull
John Tulloch Cull (FAAM)

Article highlights

  • The career of a naval airman

  • The RNAS and the Koenigsberg

  • The attack on the Koenigsberg

  • Winning a Distinguished Service Order



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