EJF Records

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The career of a seaman diarist

EJF Records joined the Navy in 1928. Training as a Boy Seaman he worked his way through the ranks to become a Chief Petty Officer (CPO).

During his service Records saw action in World War Two and was involved in the Yangste Incident in 1949. Records retired in 1950 after 22 years service.

He began writing his diaries whilst serving on board the surveying ship HMS Endeavour in 1935. His diaries show vividly what life was like as a young sailor away from home in the Royal Navy.

CPO EJF Records
CPO EJF Records (RNM)

Article highlights

  • The career of a seaman diarist

  • Recording history

  • Living and working aboard

  • Off duty

  • Shore leave

  • Sports

  • World news

  • Thoughts of home



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