Alan Smith 1 - Four women and many males


    Name: Alan Smith

    Rate: Able Seaman

    Service: 2004 - present

    Job: Operator Mechanic Mine Warfare

    Alan Smith joined the Royal Navy in 2004 age 20. He completed his basic training at HMS Raleigh alongside female recruits. He has served on both mixed and all male ships. HMS Bangor was his first ship and had men and women on board. His second ship, HMS Cottesmore, was an all male ship.


    In the clip below Alan talks about what it's like serving on mixed ships and all male ships.


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    Because it was my first ship I didn't know really any difference to when I joined, but then with the women at sea, with four women and many males on board the ship you're going to get romances happening and ending, and it does cause friction then between the ship and the ship's company, which can cause arguments when the break ups happen.

    Four women and many males

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    Male ships have a better atmosphere

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    She had the strength of a man

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    Mainly the women are more sensible

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    Gelling their hair and putting on the spray

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    The best thing is the women's company

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