Rory Allen 1 - Seamanship training - We didn't do any of that

    Rory Allen

    Name: Rory Allen

    Rate: Petty Officer

    Service: 1988 - present

    Job: Writer

    Rory Allen joined the WRNS in 1988. She volunteered to serve at sea after 1990, when the rules changed. Her first ship was HMS Coventry 1993 - 1996. She has also served on HMS Invincible (1998 - 2000) and HMS Grafton (2003 - 2005). She currently works in a shore-based job, but is due to go back to sea soon.

    In the clip below Rory explains how Wren's training before 1990 was different from the men's training.


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    Whereas the males used to do seven weeks basic training, the females only used to do five weeks and that was purely general naval knowledge, fitness, parade training, that kind of thing. Whereas I know, looking back now, the guys used to do a week's military training 'cause 'course Wrens didn't carry arms, it was unheard of. And also the guys used to do a week's seamanship training as well, preparing them for, obviously to go on board the ships. So we didn't do any of that, so ours was purely just basic general naval knowledge really.

    Seamanship training - We didn't do any of that

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    Very mixed feelings at the time

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    If you guys can do it why can't we?

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    What did you miss?

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    You can't wear skirts on board it's just not practical

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