Rosie Wilson 1 - WRNS came under the Naval Discipline Act

    Rosie Wilson

    Name: Rosie Wilson

    Rank: Commander

    Service: 1969 to 1995

    Job: Retired from Navy

    Rosie Wilson held a number of key positions within the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS). From 1989 -1990 she was Deputy Director WRNS and in 1991 she became Deputy Director of the WRNS Sea Service Implementation Team. This group organised the training that Wrens needed to serve at sea. When the WRNS became part of the Royal Navy in 1993 Rosie continued her service as Assistant Director of Naval Recruiting.

    In these extracts Rosie talks about the limitations women faced by not serving at sea and the changes that took place after 1990. In this first clip she explains how the 1977 Naval Discipline Act (NDA) effected the WRNS.


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    What it did, and I think what it was, was a catalyst for a lot of change. Because the fact that the WRNS were a separate service could no longer be used as an excuse not to do various things. So really in the run up to the NDA changing on the first of--, us going in the NDA on the 1st of July 77, a couple of things happened. The WRNS Book of Reference, in other words the WRNS rules was abolished, women officers training moved from Greenwich to Dartmouth and then post 1977 all sorts of things changed. WRNS appointing was transferred to naval secretary, WRNS officers were allowed to become officer of the day for the whole establishment not just WRNS officers, Officer of the day. HMS Dauntless closed and training moved to HMS Raleigh. The first air engineering officer was recruited to go to Manadon and in fact a squadron of Wrens was deployed with RFA Engadine with one of the helicopter squadrons, which was the first time, really, women went to sea. So all these things were enabled because WRNS were part of the Naval Discipline Act and could be treated in the same way as sailors, so it really did enable a lot of things to happen.

    WRNS came under the Naval Discipline Act

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    Not going to sea was a great inhibitor

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    The biggest change in the Navy since sail to steam

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    That's what they do, they go to sea

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    There were teething problems

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    Everything is there in front of them

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