Jennifer Herbert 1 - My Grandad had a big map with pins in

    Jennifer Herbert

    Name: Jennifer Herbert

    Rate: Able Seaman

    Service: 2004 - present

    Job: Writer

    Jennifer Herbert joined the Navy in 2004. She is a Writer who looks after pay, leave, allowances and personal documents on ships.

    HMS Illustrious is her first ship. Jennifer joined Illustrious in early 2006 and sailed for a four-month deployment in April. The ship returned home in August via Lebanon where the ship's company helped remove British citizens. The ship returned to Portsmouth where Jennifer's family were waiting to greet her.

    In the six extracts below Jennifer explains why she wanted to join the Navy and talks about living and working onboard HMS Illustrious.


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    Basically my granddad's got a big map thing and it's got like pins for everywhere he's been and he had put it on the wall and I asked him what it was 'cause there's loads of red pins, loads of red pins on it and he just said that's all the places he'd been with the Navy. So I thought, well I want to see all those places too, so...

    Q: How old were you then?

    I don't know I must have been about 12 probably, quite young.

    My Grandad had a big map with pins in

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    It's really noisy

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    It's quite a feminine job I suppose

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    BBQs on the flight deck

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    Getting diverted back to Lebanon

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    Arriving home to a reception

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