Eric Sivyer 1 - You've got to do something when you're down there


    Eric was involved with the Mary Rose project from the early days in the mid 1960s. He was one of the divers who helped to locate and work out the position of the wreck under the seabed. He then went on to help excavate the ship and its contents.

    In the clips below he talks about what it was like diving and working on the site.



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    Anybody can dive but you got to do something when you're down there, you know, I mean it's no good keep killing fishing it's no good keep sawing lumps of metal off wrecks is it. You know, you got to do something constructive, and I wasn't particularly interested in photography and so this was an ideal opportunity for me to, you know, do a proper job which involved all sorts of things from digging to seeing to boats equipment and all that sort of thing, you know. So it was a very involved job and it wasn't just, it wasn't just diving, it was everything. So it really took my interest and from then on I was absolutely caught with it, you know, I didn't think about anything else.

    You've got to do something when you're down there

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    I knew it was a bronze gun

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    Jump on the boat go out and then dive till nine.o.clock

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    Time was governed by the amount of air you had

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    We were wrapping up a gun port lid

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    To communicate you would just write a note

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