Lesley and Ian Runnalls 1 - You'd personally touched the Tudors


    Lesley and Ian started diving and exploring shipwrecks in the 60s. It was at a lecture about underwater archaeology that they heard about the Mary Rose project and were invited to get involved. They started diving on the wreck in 1977.

    Lesley and Ian worked for British Airways at the time. Ian was a Captain and Lesley was cabin crew on Concord. Both dived between flights. Ian stopped diving on the wreck in 1979, but Lesley dived for the whole period of excavation and salvage up to 1982. She also dived on the Mary Rose in 2005.

    In the first clip Ian describes what it was like finding objects from the Mary Rose.

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    Q: How did it feel finding all these objects? What was the main feeling after a dive and you'd come up and you'd found things? 

    Well you'd personally touched the Tudors, really.  I found a little drawstring purse, a leather purse.  There was nothing in it but you just thought, well I wonder who was wearing this?  And it just brought you right into the Tudor period.

    You'd personally touched the Tudors

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    We used t go down and hang off a trapeze

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    Working on the barber surgeon's chest

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    It was 40 feet to the surface

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    You had to fill out a dive log every time you went down

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    Did you learn a lot?

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