Brenda Bumstead 1 - Swimming through a mass of scaffolding


    Brenda helped excavate the Mary Rose between 1980 and '81. She was a sport diver and had seen an article in a diving magazine asking for volunteer divers. She was a teacher and so dived during the long summer breaks.

    In the clip below Brenda reads from her dive log. All divers record each dive in a logbook. This entry records her first dive on the Mary Rose. First dives were jokingly called cooks tours, after Thomas Cook holidays.


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    "Only 11 minutes at 40 feet. Cooks tour of site, visibility very poor, with Tony, felt like I was swimming through a mass of scaffolding."


    Swimming through a mass of scaffolding

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    Practiced using the airlift somewhere near a canon

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    Emptying the ship of ordinary sort of things

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    How did you get the canon balls up?

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    There were hundreds of us

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