Prince Charles 1 - When did you first hear about the Mary Rose

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    Prince Charles first dived on the Mary Rose wreck in 1975. He dived 9 times on the site between 1975 and 1982, and gave valuable support to the project. Prince Charles has been the president of the Mary Rose Trust since 1979.

    In the clip below Prince Charles recalls how he first got involved with the project.


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    Can you remember when you first heard about the Mary Rose?

    You see the trouble is, what is it now, over 30 years ago? So trying to remember anything that far back is quite hard, but it was Alexander McKee I think, but I can't remember weather he came through Lord Mountbatten my great uncle or something like that. That may have been the way it came to me. Anyway that's how I think I heard about it. He was very keen to make me aware of what was going on and that was how I think I became fascinated to see the project, because I'd done archaeology and anthropology for a year at Cambridge so I was particularly enthusiastic about all this. So that was really how I went down to have a look and he got me to dive for the first time on the wreck, so I was hooked really from then on in this whole project. Margaret Rule the Maritime Archaeologist was terrific because her enthusiasm was unstoppable, So that was really how it fired my imagination.

    When did you first hear about the Mary Rose?

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    How many dives did you do?

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    What was your favorite object found?

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    Did you watch the ship being raised?

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