Conflict and change

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Photograph of Royal Marines manning a pom-pom gun on board a ship during World War Two
Royal Marines manning a quadruple barelled 2-pounder pom-pom gun on board a ship c.1942 (RMM)

The Conflict and Change theme explores some of the key conflicts of the 20th century and tracks the technological changes and developments of the Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Marines and Submarine Service during this time.

Visit the introductory section of the theme to gain an overview of the century with two timelines exploring key dates, events and developments.

The introductory section also lets you explore 4 Royal Navy vessels from across the century in more detail; HMS Warspite, HMS Premier, HMS Fearless and HMS Sovereign.

The ‘In Focus’ section of the Conflict and Change theme looks in detail at the conflicts and developments of the century by time period and through the eyes of each branch of the Royal Navy. Each section has been developed in collaboration with the project’s supporting partners; Fleet Air Arm Museum, Royal Marines Museum, Royal Naval Museum and Royal Navy Submarine Museum and offers the unique opportunity to discover parts of their collection.

The ‘Special Exhibition: Falklands 25’ is adapted from the 25th anniversary exhibition displayed at the Royal Naval Museum during 2007. The exhibition explores the story of the Royal Navy’s involvement in the Falklands War.

Visit the ‘How To: Understand Propaganda’ section of the theme to view items of propaganda from the Royal Naval Museum’s collection and discover the historical background of the Royal Navy and propaganda.