In Focus: Falklands and Beyond

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Hermes Flight Deck, Falklands War 1982 (RNM)
Hermes Flight Deck, Falklands War 1982 (RNM)

Welcome to the 'Conflict and Change' In Focus Section for Falklands and Beyond.

Here you can discover the major changes to the Royal Navy from the Falklands War up to the present day.

Select the links to learn more about each branch of the Royal Navy.

Learn about:

  • The significant changes to the Royal Navy after the Falklands Conflict and in their involvement in the Gulf War.

  • The use of submarines during the Falklands War and the contemporary role of the Submarine Service.

  • The Royal Marines amphibious, land and air operations during the Falklands War as well as their involvment with the Gulf War and the UN's Bosnia Rapid Reaction Force.

  • The importance of the Fleet Air Arm in the Falklands Conflict through the different types of aircraft they used in operations.