In Focus: Post War Conflict

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The Royal Marines in Northern Ireland, 1978. (RMM)
The Royal Marines in Northern Ireland, 1978. (RMM)

Welcome to the 'Conflict and Change' In Focus Section for Post War.

Here you can discover the major changes to the Royal Navy after the Second World War up to the Falklands Conflict in 1982. For Cold War Operations, see our In Focus Cold War Section.

Select the links to learn more about each branch of the Royal Navy.

Learn about:

  • Technological developments in the Royal Navy and its involvement in conflicts such as the Cod Wars and the Suez Raid.
  • The development of the amphibious capabilities of the Royal Marines and the Corps' first Commando Carriers. The involvement of the Royal Marines quelling terrorism from the Far East to Europe and the reasons behind the Royal Marines' own Commando Brigade Air Squadron.