In Focus: World War Two

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AA Gun crew of an Escort Carrier. (RNM)
AA Gun crew of an Escort Carrier. (RNM)

Welcome to the 'Conflict and Change' In Focus Section for World War Two.

Here you can discover the major changes to the Royal Navy during World War Two.

Select the links to learn more about each branch of the Royal Navy.

Learn about:

  • The role of the Royal Navy during the war and its involvement in such invasions as the D Day landings and in sea battles as the Battle of the River Plate.
  • The rise of the Submarine Service after the cuts of the interwar period and their operations during the war.
  • How the Royal Marines came to take on the role of manning all landing craft and the birth of the Royal Marine Commandos.
  • How the Fleet Air Arm exceeded expectations and operational limits to finally demonstrate their potential. Whether with the attacks at Taranto, in convoy protection or supporting invasions the Fleet Air Arm played an integral role in naval operations.