In Focus: Cold War Climate

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HMS Resolution at sea. (RNSM)
HMS Resolution at sea. (RNSM)

Welcome to the 'Conflict and Change' In Focus Section for Cold War.

Here you can discover the major changes to the Royal Navy after World War Two in Cold War Operations.

Select the links to learn more about each branch of the Royal Navy.

Learn about:

  • The role of Submarines in during the Cold War and the advent of nuclear-powered vessels.
  • Royal Marine involvement in the Korean War and the first-ever heli-borne raid at Suez. Also find out about the specialist assault ships used by the Royal Marines and their Cold War roles on NATOs Northern and Southern Flanks.
  • The Fleet Air Arm's involvement in Korea, Malaya and Suez as well as the development of the aircraft carrier and aircraft during the period.