Aerobatic Display Teams

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806 Squadron : The Royal Navy goes to North America

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Forming the team

806 Squadron was re-formed in 1948 as the official Royal Navy Aerobatic Team with three Sea Hornet F.20s, a Sea Vampire and two Sea Furies. All pilots were hand-picked by the Commanding Officer Lt Cdr D. B. Law. On the 25 May 1948 the team sailed with their aircraft onboard HMCS Magnificent for a tour of North America.

ABB Clark, D B Law (CO), PB Reynolds and I H F Martin. 806 Squadron was formed to display British Naval aircraft in North America. (FAA)

Flying at Idlewild Airport

The Sea Vampire, flown by Lieutenant Commander Law was the first aircraft to fly into the new Idlewild Airport in New York. The team went on to take part in the opening ceremony of Idlewild. The Airport later became known as J F Kennedy Airport.

806 Squadron formed in 1948 to display British Naval aircraft in North America. They consisted of a mixture of aircraft including Sea Hornet and Sea Vampire. Their engines are running prior to taxiing. (FAA)

Air Displays

In the summer of 1948, during their tour of North America, 806 Squadron set the precedent for the high standard of Naval areobatic displays we have come to expect today. They caused a sensation in the USA as the US pilots had nothing to compare.

Displays were performed at Dorval, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Niagara Falls as well as New York.