Aerobatic Display Teams

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Naval Fighter School: Fred's Five

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Forming the team

This team was formed in 1962. There were five pilots and five observers from the Naval Fighter School at RNAS Yeovilton. Fred was Lieutenant Commander Peter Reynolds, a very experienced flyer, a Test Pilot with thousands of hours in the air.

Fred's Five aerobatic team 1962 (FAA)

They flew the De Havilland Sea Vixen, a high level interceptor day and night fighter. Despite its size and complexity, its handling qualities were very good, although not designed for aerobatics.

Fred's Five aerobatic team 1962 (FAA)

Air Displays

In order to make the displays more spectacular each aircraft was modified to make coloured smoke, this is done by injecting dyed oil from a small tank under the port wing into the exhaust.

Fred's Five aerobatic team 1962 (FAA)

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