The 1920s

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Fleet Air Arm organised into squadrons

In 1923 an expansion of the carrier force saw the standardisation of organisation and numbering of Squadron in blocks according to their purpose:

  • Fighter units became known as Fleet Fighter Flights numbered from 401 onwards.

  • The Fleet Spotter Flights were numbered 820 onwards.

  • 440 series was reserved for Fleet Reconnaissance Flights.

  • The Fleet Torpedo Flights took the numbers from 460 onwards.

In April 1924, a year after the new carrier borne flights had begun to form they were given the collective title ‘Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Air Force.’ This was soon abbreviated to the ‘Fleet Air Arm’ although not officially taken on by the admiralty until 1953.

Two types of planes flown during the 1920s (FAAM)
Two types of planes flown during the 1920s (FAAM)

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