Landings and landing craft

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Invasions by sea

The amalgamation of the Royal Marines Light Infantry and Royal Marines Artillery in 1922 saw the Corps take on a specific amphibious role.

Training and innovation during the interwar period meant that the Royal Marines were in a strong postition to offer their expertise and equipment.

During World War Two the production of landing craft increased and the Royal Marines played key roles in the Allied invasions staged around the globe.

The first raids undertaken by the newly-created Royal Marines Commandos were at Dieppe in 1942. By the D Day landings in 1944, the Commandos had learned valuable lessons and honed their skills.

Training for the Dieppe Raid, Isle of Wight, 1942.
Training for the Dieppe Raid, Isle of Wight, 1942.


Article highlights

  • Invasions by sea

  • Production and planning

  • Lord Mountbatten

  • Dieppe and D Day


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