Naval Lives

Photographs of Loftus William Jones, William Waller and Margaret Hodgson
Loftus William Jones, William Waller and Margaret Hodgson

Find out more about the Royal Navy in the twentieth century by discovering the lives of 20 people who served in the Navy during the century.

Edward Pitcairn Jones commanded a naval brigade during the Boer War.

William Waller played his part in the formation of the Royal Navy's Submarine Service, becoming the Navy's first Submarine Coxswain.

Loftus William Jones awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his service during the Battle of Jutland.

JT Cull flew planes for the Royal Naval Air Service in World War One.

AC Green joined the Royal Marines Band Service in 1904, rising up the ranks to become Director of the Junior wing of the music school.

Philip Needell was a Leading Signalman in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve during World War One.

Astle Scott Littlejohns commanded the Armoured Naval Train Division during World War One.

Edward James Frederick Records began his diaries in 1934 while serving on HMS Endeavour and left an entertaining description of what life was like for a young sailor a long way from home.

Clifford Simkin was an artificer during World War Two.

Frank Clements became a Prisoner of War during World War Two when the ship his ship, HMS Exeter, was attacked by the Japanese.

Margaret Hodgson served in the Women's Royal Naval Service during World War Two. She was part of the first draft of Wrens to serve overseas.

Charles Sheppard worked as a Naval Intelligence Officer during World War Two.

Lionel 'Buster' Crabb was a Royal Navy Diver who disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

Sir Frank Twiss was the Second Sea Lord who got rid of the famous Royal Navy rum ration.

Jeff Tall served in the Royal Navy's Submarine Service throughout the Cold War and also in the Falklands.

Phil Macquaid was an aircraft handler in the Navy in the 1960s and 1970s.

Julia Massey worked for the Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service over three decades, holding a vital role during the Falklands conflict.

Nick Vaux commanded Royal Marine 42 Commando during the Falklands War and won a Distinguished Service Order for his achievements.

Wayland Austin served on HMS Gloucester during the first Gulf War.