1900: Fleet Air Arm

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The rise of the Royal Naval Air Service

“Their lordships are of the opinion that they would not be of any practical use to the Naval Service”- Admiralty response to the Wright brothers offer of aircraft patents in 1907.

Yet within a decade naval aircraft would have operated around the world and taken part in most theatres of World War One. By 1918 the Navy were using aircraft for spotting, bombing, torpedo attacks and reconnaissance. This was in part due to the enthusiasm and ingenuity of the early aviators. They continually pushed the capabilities of their equipment and expanded into new theatres of operation.

The seaplane experiments took plane at Barrow-in-Furness (FAAM)
Cdr Oliver Schwann RNAS: Hydro-aeroplane. (FAAM)

Article Highlights

  • Introduction

  • Airships

  • Naval officers learn to fly

  • Seaplane trials

  • Royal Flying Corps

  • The run up to war

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