HMS Resolution

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HMS Resolution's first Polaris patrol

The most important operations carried out by Royal Navy submarines in the post war period have been nuclear deterrent patrols. These have maintained a constant strategic defence for Great Britain since the 1960s. The nuclear deterrent submarines on patrol had three aims - to remain undetected, to maintain continuous listening communication with their command centre, and to maintain constant readiness to fire retaliatory missiles.

HMS Resolution was the Royal Navy's first ballistic missile-carrying submarine. Construction began on 26th February 1964. She launched on 15th September 1966 and commissioned on 10th February 1967.

HMS Resolution at sea (RNSM)
HMS Resolution at sea (RNSM)

Article Highlights

  • Introduction

  • Polaris firing

  • Polaris patrol

  • Living conditions

  • Ensuring secrecy

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