Voices of War

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What was it like to fight for the Falklands?

Listen to extracts from interviews recorded between 1990 and 2007 with people who were involved in the Navy’s Falklands War.

HMS Coventry hit by bombs, 25 May 1982. (RNM)
HMS Coventry hit by bombs, 25 May 1982. (RNM)

Their memories reveal how they felt about the decision to go to war, their involvement with the Task Force and how they reacted to key moments in the campaign.

Listen to -

  • Rex Hunt, British Governor of the Falkland Islands (1980 - 1985)

  • Cyril De Roche, Gunner on HMS Antrim in 1982

  • Jeremy Sanders, Staff Operations, Battle Group Staff of Admiral Woodward in 1982

  • Jeff Tall, Submarine Staff Officer in the Planning Office of HMS Hermes in 1982

  • Brian Patterson, Portsmouth Dockyard Worker

  • Chris Williams, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Commander in Chief Fleet's Staff to prepare trade ships for service in 1982

  • Robert Halliday, Commanding Officer in HMS Herald, used as a casualty ferry in 1982

  • David Hobbs, Lieutenant Commander working in the Department of Director General Aircraft (Naval) in 1982

  • Sir Jeremy Black, Captain of HMS Invincible in 1982

  • Julia Massey, Nursing Sister in SS Uganda in 1982 - Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service (QARNNS)

  • Iain Henderson, Executive Officer in HMS Plymouth in 1982

  • James Matthews, Chief Mechanician of HMS Coventry in 1982

  • Jenny Lippiett, Wife of Executive Officer of HMS Ambuscade in 1982

  • Alan White, Coxwain in Foxtrot 7, Landing Craft of HMS Fearless in 1982

  • David Elliot, Royal Marine, 45 Commando - Arctic War Unit