HMS Warspite

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HMS Warspite at the Battle of Jutland

During World War One HMS Warspite formed part of the 5th Battle Squadron attached to Admiral Beatty’s Battlecruiser Squadron based at Rosyth, in Scotland and acted as a deterrent to German ships raiding the northeast coast.

On the 31 May 1916 Warspite fought at the Battle of Jutland, the largest fleet action since the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. During the battle her steering gear jammed and as she circled in front of the German fleet she was pummelled with large shells.

The Navy converted Warspite into an aircraft carrier in 1934. The ship went on to serve in World War Two, becoming the most battle honoured Royal Navy ship in history.

HMS Warspite in action. (RNM)
HMS Warspite in action. (RNM)

Article highlights

  • HMS Warspite at the Battle of Jutland

  • The 'super dreadnought'

  • Position in the Grand Fleet

  • Scheer's scheme

  • Memories from the Battle

  • Signal failure

  • Fatal blows

  • The Fifth Battle Squadron enter the action

  • The Grand Fleet come to the rescue

  • HMS Warspite's withdrawal and battle damage