HMS Fearless

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HMS Fearless in the Falklands

The Royal Navy commissioned HMS Fearless and sister ship HMS Intrepid during the Cold War in order to provide the Navy with the ability to carry out amphibious operations on either of the NATO flanks.

Used mainly by the Royal Marines, the ships have in-built command centres and can be used to coordinate the landing stages of an amphibious assault.

Most famously, the Royal Navy deployed HMS Fearless as part of Operation Corporate during the Falklands War.

The ship was a key component of the campaign, and played a vital part in the recapture of the Falkland Islands. The Royal Navy finally decommissioned HMS Fearless in 2002.

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Article highlights

  • HMS Fearless in the Falklands

  • Britain's amphibious capabilities

  • Fearless in the Task Group

  • Heading South

  • Ascension Island - preparation for war

  • To the TEZ

  • Preparing to land

  • Further duties

  • The return home