Peter Abbott 3 - She joined the Navy not to go to sea

    Peter Abbott

    From September 1990 all women joining the WRNS had to serve at sea along side the men. However, those women who had joined up before 1990 could choose to stay non-sea goers, or could volunteer for sea service. 

    Here Sir Peter talks about a Wren he knew who did not want to serve at sea.


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    The Navy spent a lot of effort and time in trying to persuade the women who joined the Navy before the crunch date to change their perspective and an awful lot did, but I know for a fact there are still a few serving now who have refused to exercise that option and are still on the old... One of the stewards who used to work for me who is still in the Navy, very talented girl, has maintained her independence from going to sea all these 16 years, and is very proud of the fact she joined the Navy not to go to sea.