Peter Abbott 5 - Why do women leave the Navy?

    Peter Abbott

    In this clip Sir Peter explains the demands that the Navy can put on married life.


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    An awful lot of young officers are married to young officers. In my experience of being a young officer it was bad enough, you know, with a wife who wasn't in the Navy, you were squaring the Navy away with your wife, because the Navy's a slightly difficult task master, taking you away and taking you away at short notice and taking you away for a long time from your children, leaving your wife on her own. And if she's now got a job and happens to be in the Navy as well, it just seems to me to be a difficult thing to juggle. But there are lot's of young couples who don't complain about it and get on with it, so I'm not sure that that's the thing, I'm just not sure why it is that they tend to leave.