The Sea Harrier

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The development of a new naval jet which can take off and land vertically

The Sea Harrier revolutionised carrier based aviation allowing shorter take off and landings. It needed fewer handling crew than its predecessors as it didn’t need to be 'loaded' on to a catapult. With conventional planes if the pilot missed the arrester wires he would be required to go round again meaning he must always ensure he has adequate fuel supplies. The Sea Harrier lands first time every time; simply hovering alongside until space or conditions allow landing. The use of Harrier with the aircraft carrier ski jump improved the amount of weight planes could take off with and made it easier to take off during rough weather thus improving safety.

The P1127 onboard HMS Ark Royal, 1963 (FAAM)
The P1127 onboard HMS Ark Royal, 1963 (FAAM)

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